"Magnetic neural mechanisms of navigation"J. David Dickman, Ph.D.-2016.6.15

"Magnetic neural mechanisms of navigation"J. David Dickman, Ph.D.-2016.6.15

时间:2016年6月15日  10:00
地点:中北校区 脑功能基因组学研究所一楼报告厅
报告题目: Magnetic neural mechanisms of navigation
报告人:   J. David Dickman, Ph.D.
           Vivian L. Smith Endowed Chair of Neuroscience
           Department of Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine
          Neuroscience Program Director, Rice University
主持人:   陈爱华 研究员


报告人简介:   J. David Dickman  Ph.D, Professor and Vivian L. Smith Endowed Chair, Department of Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine; Neuroscience Program Director, Rice University. Member of Society for Neuroscience; Member of Association for Research in Otolaryngology; Member of Royal Institute of Navigation. His research focuses on understanding the neural bases of vestibular information processing and magneto reception in spatial orientation and navigation.


报告简介:It has been known for several decades that many animals can use the Earth Magnetic Field for spatial orientation and navigation functions.  The mechanisms of magnetic field transduction and the neural correlates that contribute this amazing sense are only beginning to be investigated.  We have identified neurons in the pigeon brain that encode magnetic field direction, intensity, and polarity that can be used for orientation and possible maps of earth location. Recent work has shown these neurons are multisensory and encode magnetic space in allocentric Earth fixed coordinates.  We have also traced the flight patterns of pigeons and  using GPS and found that they appear to follow a magnetic memory signature of their navigation routes.