"Brain Plasticity-Based Medicine"Michael Merzenich 博士(Posit Science)-2015.1.13

"Brain Plasticity-Based Medicine"Michael Merzenich 博士(Posit Science)-2015.1.13

时间:2015年1月13日 10:30


报告题目:Brain Plasticity-Based Medicine

报告人:Michael Merzenich 博士 Posit Science


报告人简介:美国科学院院士及医学院院士;Posit Science创建者及现任CEO和Brain Plasticity Institute创建者及现任主任;原加州大学旧金山分校医学院Francis A. Sooy教授。Dr. Merzenich的研究领域集中在脑感觉、认知及可塑性机制。已在科学、自然、美国科学院院报等发表研究论文近200篇并有近100项的授权专利。是该领域至今仍非常活跃的著名学者。


报告简介:Dr. Merzenich will summarize how the neuroscience of brain plasticity is changing the therapeutic landscape for professional communities addressing brain-based disorders and disease. After considering the neurological bases of training-driven neuroplasticity, he shall describe how this neuroscience-guided perspective distinguishes this new approach from (a) the more-behavioral, traditional clinical strategies of professional therapy practitioners, and (b) an even more widely applied pharmaceutical treatment model for neurological and psychiatric treatment domains. With that background, he proposes that neuroplasticity-based treatments will be an important part of future best-treatment practices in neurological and psychiatric medicine.